1841 Xalapa letter, part of Durham Collection

In a vault in the far corner of the Durham Museum’s lower level resides over 9,000 historical items collected by one of Omaha’s founding fathers, Byron Reed.   The collection contains rare coins, publications and documents, including an 1841 letter from Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna to a family member or friend still living in Xalapa in the years prior to the Mexican-American War.  The letter was captured during General Winfield Scott’s assault on the province of Vera Cruz during Scott’s march toward Mexico City. Xalapa is a town within that province, Santa Anna’s birthplace, and today is one of Omaha’s sister cities.

More information about the Bryon Reed collection is available at the Durham Museum website and in the Omaha World Herald article.

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna letter, 1841. A behind-the-scenes look at the Byron Reed collection, most of which is stored out of public view at the Durham Museum at 801 S. 10th St. in Omaha on Tuesday, October 18, 2016. KENT SIEVERS/THE WORLD-HERALD

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna letter, 1841.