In Memoriam: Mr. Yuichi Kawai 1928 – 2016

OSCA is sorry to hear about the loss of our great friend, Mr. Yuichi Kawai, a key person involved with forming the sister city relationship between Omaha and Shizuoka,

The former Chairman and CEO of Shizuoka Railway and current Chamber of Commerce Honorary President, Yuuichi Kawai, passed away on August 3, 2016 in the morning. The cause of death was old age. Mr. Kawai passed away in his home in Shizuoka City. His age was 88. He was originally from Kanzawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. The funeral was held for close relatives. Plans are to have a memorial ceremony at a later date.

Mr. Kawai worked for the Honshu Seishi Paper Company and Tokyu Railway. He began working for the Shizuoka Railway in 1962. He was the CEO of that company from 1972-2002. After 2002, he became the Chairman. In 2008, he was the Honorary Chairmen. Mr. Kawai was President of the Shizuoka Chamber of Commerce from 1991-2000. As President of the Chamber of Commerce, he acted as a branch representative of the Shizuoka Economic Collaborative, which worked hard toward the reality of a merger between Shimizu and Shizuoka.

The people of Omaha will truly miss Mr. Kawai and will always remember him for the great work he did.

shizuoka - Mr. Yuichi Kawai

Photo:  1992 Nebraska Governor Ben Nelson welcomed Mr. Kawai