OSCA and George Behringer Receive Prestigious Commendation from Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We are proud to let you know that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan has just announced that the Omaha Sister Cities Association will receive a prestigious commendation based on the promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and the United States. Omaha has an extremely strong relationship with Shizuoka that is 53 years old, and sustained by a deep mutual respect and friendship.

Fittingly, George Behringer, Honorary Consul-General of Japan in Omaha, will also receive this commendation. Mr. Behringer has provided unparalleled leadership for not only OSCA’s 50th Anniversary, but economic development, cultural awareness, youth support, and numerous activities & events between Shizuoka and Omaha.

This is great news and reflects the dedication by George, the Shizuoka Coordinating Council Committee and many individuals that have worked hard over the years to make the relationship with Shizuoka and Omaha a huge success.


To view full press release, visit this link