Sunpu Chaya Dedication May 6th 4pm

Craftsmen from Shizuoka, Japan have been building a unique wooden structure in Omaha since the end of April. The Sunpu Chaya is being constructed in the Japanese gardens area of Lauritzen Gardens.  Upon completion of the Sunpu Chaya, Omaha Sister Cities Association is planning an opening dedication ceremony Friday, May 6th at 4pm which will include city officials from both Shizuoka and Omaha.

The City of Shizuoka will officially present the”Sumpu Jaya” as an additional  gift in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Omaha and Shizuoka.  A rendering of the Sumpu Jaya was presented to Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert by Zenkichi Kojima of Shizuoka during the 50th anniversary celebration in Omaha last fall. The Sumpu Jaya is  a  small, free-standing, roofed structure likened to a “waiting room”, or gazebo, a space before entering a Tea House. It will be a wooden building with openings for a relaxing view of the SUNPU CASTLE GATE AND MT. FUJI REPLICA  It is thought of as a refuge for peaceful contemplation. Craftsmen from Shizuoka & Omaha have been working together to build the structure.  The special Cyprus lumber was purchased and cut, then shipped from Shizuoka to Omaha.  A Douglas County grant and other contributions from Shizuoka and Omaha has funded the project.

shizuoka - sunpu chaya 2 shizuoka - sunpu chaya rendering